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Nanys Bakery was established in the year 1985, comes from the roots of ELLORAS bakery. Over the period of time and increasing popularity amongst the people now holds its own identity and popularly known as Nanys, an institution where we produce and indulge you in our own manufactured eatery and Patisserie. The traditional taste of over 60-year-old landmark bakery of doon, ELLORAS bakery still being sold at our counter, a perfect place to blend into the goodness of the old and richness of the new.

Providing delectably sweet experiences since 1985. Nanys Bakery as it stands today, is an institution in the city and evokes strong emotions among generations, memories mingle as visitors from all over come back for a taste of Nany’s Bakery whenever they are passing through. Such is the level of nostalgia and attachment.

At Nanys Bakery, we take great pride in the quality of our work which is fully committed to the satisfaction of our customers who became our challenge, inspiration and motivation. Our simple and honest approach to business has seen us grow year on year since its inception more than 30 years ago.

Always a step ahead of the competition we focus on innovation, developing new products while improving our existing products to evolving customer needs.

Nanys Bakery began way back in the year 1985 when the family started things the good old-fashioned way. Since then we have been working hard to build Nanys into an enterprise that is not only dedicated to the bakery basics but also towards delivering a wholesome experience to its customers.


Many occasions come and go and each one of them carries their own significance, such occasions are best celebrated with something sweet and at such moments nothing can best replace the sweetness quotient but cakes. Be it a birthday party, an anniversary or a regular party, cutting of a cake on such occasions is a considered ritual and is common throughout the world. This amazing amalgamation of flour, sugar, eggs, milk, butter, and flavours is a sheer delight for everyone that can put a smile on a face.

At Nanys Bakery, we understand how special an occasion is and what they mean to you, for your most cherished occasions Nanys believe in delivering you not just a cake but a package of memories. Therefore, we have a huge bucket list of cakes made available at our counters, while we keep most of them readily available at our shelves we also prepare special customised cakes for you but of course customization does take time and therefore we take such orders in advance.

We hope you would love our cakes at Nanys and please feel free to write us your feedback on any of our mentioned contacts.

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